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Next to the practice, Psymobil also participate in talks and workshops about various

topics around mental health, criminology and feminism in French and in English.

If you are looking for some speakers for an event, creating a workshop within your organisation, or you are simply curious to know what we can do together, please contact me!



Ángela (pronouns she/her) is my collaborator and my friend. Together we share our office, participate in workshops and support each other.

She is a feminist psychologist specialised in gender and an expert in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She is the founder of The Safo Space which aims to bring together psychology and gender understood as a 'gender perspective' that represents an intersectional approach to mental health.  So far, she has been organizing talks around these topics and she is involved in projects such as Care, a support group for victims-survivors of sexual violence.

Click here to discover her website.


Les violences conjugales(2).png

Talk about 'Domestic violence' organized by the French consulate in Amsterdam

Event PPE.png

Workshop 'Mental health, University and Feminism' for PPE in Person

Copy of Mental health event.png

Workshop: feminist psychology, intersectionality and collective care. Organized by Youth ACT.

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